FishLog taking a role through the innovation of fisheries cold chain technology at The IISM and Indonesia Cold Chain Expo 2023 Exhibition.

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FishLog, as a startup company engaged in the fisheries supply chain, particularly in the cold chain, participated in The 10th International Indonesia Seafood & Meat Expo and Indonesia Cold Chain Expo held at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran on May 10-13, 2023. The IISM and Indonesia Cold Chain Expo, organized by PT. Wahana Kemalaniaga Makmur (WAKENI), is an international exhibition event for companies involved in the seafood industry and cold chain systems, logistics service providers, and business owners seeking solutions for the cold chain system. The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia (KKP RI), various national associations, and stakeholders in the cold chain industry were also present at the vibrant exhibition.

This exhibition serves as a platform for FishLog to introduce the concept of the fisheries cold chain to visitors and potential business partners from both domestic and international markets. This supports FishLog’s long-term goal of leading the consortium of Indonesian fisheries resources to have a competitive advantage on the global stage. This starts by partnering with fisheries business players, especially in cold storage and logistics, from various regions in Indonesia and even other countries.


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The FishLog team explained the business model and products of FishLog to visitors from various countries.

The stakeholders in the fisheries field, especially fishermen, face the challenge of limited access to the cold chain system, leading to a high risk of seafood products becoming food waste losses. FishLog strives to be an efficient solution to this problem by building a digital ecosystem of cold storage and logistics from upstream to downstream for fisheries players. Currently, FishLog focuses on integrating the supply chain in the seafood sector and digitizing the FishLog ecosystem.

The FishLog ecosystem acts as an enabler for every stakeholder in the fisheries business, including suppliers, cold storage owners, fish factories, cold chain logistics, and B2B buyers, ensuring the quality of the products is well-maintained. The ecosystem aims to facilitate the equal distribution of fish stocks from various regions in Indonesia. When the networks in the supply chain are interconnected, the utilization of cold storage can be optimized to avoid food waste losses in seafood products.

Through the IISM and Indonesia Cold Chain Expo, FishLog taking a role in supporting a joint movement by all fisheries business in Indonesia to build readiness and capacity for the wise management of marine resources, providing positive impacts to all stakeholders. FishLog actively participates in Business Matchmaking sessions to open up wider and sustainable collaborations with the fisheries and cold chain industry. FishLog also received a visit from the Directorate of Export Development of Primary Products, Directorate General of National Export Development, Ministry of Trade, to discuss potential collaborations in expanding the export potential of maritime products.

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Alfinna Yebelanti, Public Relation at FishLog (

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