FishLog supports the synchronously mangrove rehabilitation event organized by the Indonesian National Army throughout Indonesia.

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FishLog participates in and fully supports the mangrove planting event with the Indonesian National Army, attended by President Joko Widodo and the Commander of the Indonesian National Defense Forces, Admiral Yudo Margono. This support is a commitment from FishLog to realize the sustainable living environment and conditions of coastal and marine areas. In this regard, FishLog has a strong interest in preserving the marine ecosystem as it relies on the sustainability of the entire supply chain, including fishermen, fish farmers, suppliers, cold storage warehouse owners, fisheries logistics, and end buyers. FishLog serves as a digital solution in providing business services focused on the consolidation and distribution activities of the fisheries supply chain. FishLog also aims to strengthen the fisheries ecosystem network through partnerships with various parties, including the Indonesian National Army, particularly the Indonesian Navy, through the Maritime Potential Division (Dinas Potensi Maritim Angkatan Laut/Dispotmar).

Together with the Maritime Potential Division of the Indonesian Navy (Dispotmar), FishLog is committed to supporting the development of fisheries and marine potentials, and especially hopes to accelerate its vision of becoming the most comprehensive source for Indonesian fisheries through its existing products and services. In this regard, FishLog is committed to ensuring the continuity of supply, price stability, and equitable distribution of fisheries commodities across all regions of Indonesia.

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Bayu Anggara, CEO and Co-Founder of FishLog, explains, “FishLog supports a more integrated, technology-driven, transparent, and sustainable ecosystem for the fisheries supply chain in Indonesia. We believe that to strengthen this ecosystem, strong synergy among fisheries stakeholders is necessary, especially the government, fishermen, collectors, warehouse owners, distributors, traders, and small-scale seafood processors.”

About FishLog

Founded in 2020, FishLog is a startup company focused on driving the ecosystem for the fisheries cold chain industry. We empower cold storage warehouses to enhance their utility by connecting them with more fishermen and buyers, streamlining the seafood supply chain across stakeholders. We build efficient processes, fair trade transactions, and sustainable distribution through technology.

FishLog provides digital solutions to stakeholders in the fisheries supply chain and offers business services focused on consolidation and distribution activities from upstream to downstream. Through its services, FishLog also plans to expand its fisheries ecosystem network by developing partnerships and strengthening its programs.

The four services offered by FishLog are FishLog B2B Marketplace, FishLog Quality Center, FishFin – Channeling Inventory Financing, and Commercial Partnership. These services aim to support FishLog’s mission of driving the cold storage industry, providing processors and distributors to meet global supply and demand.

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Galih Husni Fauzan : Head of Marketing, Communications & Partnership, FishLog


Alfinna Yebelanti : Public Relations, FishLog

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